Within the Church

1 Corinthians 12 tells us we've all been given different gifts by the Spirit to be used in ministry. Therefore, Southside UMC seeks to offer a variety of opportunities for our church family to use their individual gifts in service through our congregation. God has a place for all of us, including you, in one of the committees described below.

The Administrative Council is the collective body of the church's leadership. Once a quarter, staff members, committee chairpersons and at-large members gather to envision, plan, implement and evaluate the mission & ministry of the church. The goal of the Council is to encourage, support, focus and equip all of the church's ministry areas. Furthermore, all major church decisions, such as new ministries, the budget, and staff changes, are approved by the Administrative Council.

The Board of Trustees oversees the ownership, maintenance, and care of all church property, including the church campus and the parsonage. Their work is to make our facilities as useful & welcoming as possible for all our ministries. If the carpet needs to be replaced or the air conditionarer goes out, the Trustees are the men & women who take charge. Also, the Trustees sponsor an annual Church-wide Clean-Up Day in which church members do minor spruce-up work around the church. 

The purpose of the Children's Council is to oversee, plan and implement all the program and activities that minister to our children, birth to 5th grade. They recruit, schedule and support volunteers for our Nursery on Sunday mornings, teachers for our Sunday School classes and Wednesday Night "Kids for Christ" activities, and helpers for all the special ministry events that take place throughout the year - the Easter Egg Hunt, Vacation Bible School, Fall Festival, Cookies with Santa and more. Our Children's Council also supports Family Ministry Events such as Family Movie Nights and the Camp Sumatanga Church Picnic.

The Congregational Care Team is a group of loving individuals who are committed to caring for those in our church family who are no longer able to regularly attend worship and church activities due to age or health. Members of this team work in pairs to reach out to our homebound members through monthly visits, weekly phone calls, special occasion/get well cards and more.

The Day Care Board works closely with the Day Care Director to ensure that the children of New Beginnings Academy are educated and nurtured academically and spiritually. The Board does so by creating and maintaining the student and employee policies and procedures, assisting with any operational and/or building needs that arise, advising the Day Care Director as requested, helping with speical events such as Orientation, Graudation, etc., working to connect NBA children & families to other ministries in the church, and supporting every aspect of the NBA ministry.

The Family Ministries Team plans various ministries throughout the year to enrich family - both our nuclear families and our church family. Annual Family Ministry Events are the Camp Sumatanga Church Picnic, the Paden Pool Party, Family Movie Nights, and our weekly Wednesday Fellowship Suppers.

As its name suggest, the Finance Committee manages all the finances of the church. They are responsible for working with all minsitry areas and committees to create and keep a balanced annual budget. Also, the Finance Committee works closely with the Pastor & Church Treasurer to make sure all bills and payments are handled properly. Throughout the year, the Finance Team encourages faithful giving from the congregation, culminating in a Stewardship Campgain (typically in the fall) when members are asked to pledge a financial commitment of giving for the coming year. In all things, the men and women of this team are committed to being faithful stewards of the church's resources.

The Missions Team seeks to lead our congregation in sharing the love of Christ with others by caring for their needs and reaching out to them in service. Each year, the Missions Team organizes Monthly Mission Events that cover a variety of opportunities in order to promote missions awareness on a local and global scale and to encourage more people in our congregation to be personally involved in missions as they discover particular ministries which speak to their heart. This past year, our monthly mission projects have included non-perishable food drives, winter clothing drives and blood drives; projects to express our appreciation to teachers, public servants and veterans; and support for children through the DHR Angel Tree, sponsoring orphans in Belarus and our ongoing ministry partnership with East Gadsden United Methodist Church.

The Committee on Nominations & Leadership Development is a crucial component of church leadership, as its members are responsible for recruiting and training leaders for every church committee. Members of the Nominations Committee seek to discern people's spiritual gifts and utilize them in the ministries of our church. During the fall, this committee meets weekly for approximately one month to pray and recruit leaders for the upcoming year. Beyond attending meetings, members are responsible for contacting fellow church members to serve in various roles of ministry.

The Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) is in essence the "management link" between the congregation as a whole and the pastor & other staff members of the church. Its purpose is very similar to the Human Resources Department of a business, but with the charge of also operating under the umbrella of Christian love. The SPRC's primary responsibility is to shepherd the purpose and performace of the pastoral and office staff. This is done through performance evaluations, constructive feedback, fostering training & experience opportunities, as well as seeing that the staff has the proper tools to manage daily activities. The SPRC's stewarship role is that of bringing in talented staff and supporting their growth & effectiveness. Above all, ts mission is to protect the unity of the church. Any member of the SPRC would welcome questions, words of praise, or constructive feedback regarding staff performance. 

The Worship Committee works closely with the pastor and music leaders to ensure that our church offers settings and services for vital worship in which people experience the presence of God, grow in their knowledge of God, and live more faithfully as a Christian community. This committee offers a wide variety of opporutnites for service, including but not limited to: preparing special altars, preparing communion, assisting with the music, organizing special services, changing the paraments & banners, running the worship media, and serving as liturgists.